The fastest website loading speeds for your guests in the US, Canada and Latin America

In the event your memory–hungry multi–media websites will be designed mostly for visitors within the US, Canada as well as Latin America, then our USA data center offers an ideal virtual hosting solution for you. The Colohouse data center is found in downtown Chicago and serves some of the main telecommunications providers in the United States. It provides total redundancy in power and network connectivity that’s why it is made for hosting your demanding sites and applications.

Utilizing the US Located VPS Web Hosting Plans option is easy and simple. Simply pick the setup you need, picking from a selection of VPS solutions on our website afterwards select the USA data center on the sign up form. Our admins are going to create the server for you in the USA data center free–of–charge and will be available 24x7 to assure a 99.9% network uptime. Furthermore, they’ll perform every–week off–site backups of your VPS to make sure your info is kept safe and sound all the time.

Other US Hosting Services

The US data center comes with an exceptional infrastructure, that permits us to offer diverse hosting solutions as well as Virtual Private Servers.

In data center you can find US Located Hosting packs, which are excellent if you would like host a plain blog or portfolio web site, or maybe a fairly popular web–store. The Linux hosting plans plans all come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a no cost domain registration and unrestricted disk space & traffic allocations. US Located Semi-dedicated Plans are available. Those are the most suitable choice if you’d like more power than an ordinary Linux hosting plans pack offers, still dedicated servers are too challenging to handle and require a lot maintenance on your part. The semi–dedicated servers include considerable CPU and MySQL database storage space allocations, which make them just the thing for popular web sites with a large number of month–to–month visits. For those of you who require something much more powerful, we offer US Located Dedicated Web Hosting Plans. By having a dedicated server, you’ll be able to host any website or web app that you would like, no matter how CPU–intensive or resource–demanding it is.